Scientists Train AI To Recognise Skin Cancer From Photographs

The use of artificial intelligence to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment took a significant step forward today as it was announced that a group of scientists have successfully trained an AI to recognise skin cancer from photographs.

image credit: presidenciamx / Flickr CC

image credit: presidenciamx / Flickr CC

The BBC reports that the team from Stanford University taught the AI to identify common forms of skin cancer, including carcinoma and melanoma.

During the experiment, the scientists showed the AI 129,450 images Рinforming the computer of the specific skin condition in each photograph.

The AI was then tested against 21 skin cancer doctors, and was able to recognise cancers with the same level of accuracy as the doctors.

It has long been considered that health care is one aspect of human life that will be significantly enhanced by artificial intelligence in the future.

As early detection of cancer is critical to improving a patient’s prognosis, it is clear that – once fully developed – this new technology has the potential to save many lives.

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