79% of Americans Believe Computers Can Never Be Considered ‘Truly Alive’, Survey Finds

In a recent survey on Artificial Intelligence conducted by 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair, just 19% of Americans said that they believed a computer could ever be considered truly alive – with 79% of respondents answering no to the question.



The poll, which was conducted from February 5th-9th, 2016, surveyed a total of 1,021 US adults on a number of AI related questions, including posers such as “will computers some day be able to tell right from wrong?” and more lighthearted questions such as “which is the best movie about Artificial Intelligence?”.

Here are some of the notable results from the survey.

Will Computers Someday Tell Right From Wrong?

The majority of Americans (53%) believe that computers will never be able to tell the difference between right and wrong.



Should A.I. Devices Have An On/Off Button?

Not surprisingly, most Americans (68%) agree that any future A.I. device should be equipped with an off button.


Although it is the opinion of this site that such a feature would not be a reliable failsafe, and a sufficiently intelligent A.I. would almost certainly be able to circumvent it.

How Important Is Advancing Artificial Intelligence?

The majority of Americans (53%) believe that advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence is important.



Although we also note that 4% believe it will make God angry.

Which Field Will Benefit Most From Artificial Intelligence?

44% of respondents believe the field of medicine will benefit the most from advancements in A.I.



We would agree with this – indeed Artificial Intelligence is already helping some Doctors to diagnose and treat patients.


Which Is The Best Movie About Artificial Intelligence?

We were a little surprised at the results of this question for two reasons:

Firstly, that the poll returned the most popular movie about Artificial Intelligence as I, Robot. It’s a great film, but we expected The Terminator (and it would also have been our choice).



And secondly…

That the second most popular answer was “Haven’t seen any of these”. Which means that nearly 20% of Americans are missing out on some seriously great films.



More at CBS News.

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