Cubic Robotics Introduce AI Assistant With A Personality (And It Blows Siri Out The Water)

Cubic Robotics, a tech company based in Palo Alto, California, have introduced what looks to be easily the most advanced artificially intelligent digital assistant to date.

Take a look at the demo video below.

If you were impressed with Amazon Echo, then this looks like it will blow it out the water, and will make Apple’s Siri look like a children’s toy.

Cubic can be connected to all the smart devices in your life, from your smartphone, or smartwatch, to your car and can even control lights, fans, and thermostats in your home.

There are two hardware platforms; the “home cube”, which allows you to control Cubic at home, and the “power badge”, which allows you to control Cubic on the go.


Image via Huffington Post

According to Cubic Robotics, Cubic will learn your habits and perform tasks such as automatically lowering the temperature each night before you go to bed (and yes, it will learn your bed time).

It will also pick up on your interests. For example if you make lots of references to Game of Thrones, it will start to remind you when episodes are on, and even make Game of Thrones themed jokes.

Impressively, Cubic also features a patented multi-topic conversation system, which gives it a long term memory for more natural speech. If you tell Cubic to “Turn off the lights in the living room”, you can later say to it “and the ones in the bedroom” and it will recognise that “the ones” in the conversation refers to lights.

Cubic is currently slated for public release in January or February of 2016. We’ll keep you tabs on progress, however, for the mean time, to prove that this is the real deal, take a look at the demo video below.

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