Is Google On Its Way To Becoming Skynet? [infographic]

It might sound a little far fetched, but as this infographic from Dejan SEO shows, there are a few warning signs that the internet giant could be well on its way to becoming a real life Skynet…

Is Google Skynet?

Ok, it’s a little tongue in cheek, but here are a few key points: –

  • In 2014 Google purchased UK Artificial Intelligence startup Deepmind for £400m (The Guardian)
  • Google is already using artificial Artificial Intelligence to enhance its image searching (Telegraph)
  • In 2014 Google employed AI expert and futurist Ray Kurzweil as Director Of Engineering (The Guardian)
  • They are making solid progress with their project to develop self driving cars (Google)
  • The film ‘Ex Machina’ imagined how search inputs could be used to map human behaviour and thinking

So if any company is a prime candidate for being the source of the rise of the machines, it’s got to be Google. What do you think? Could Google be a real life Skynet?

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